Mark Haynes, M0DXR

Mark Haynes, M0DXR


Married to Georgina, M6YGL, and we have four daughters.

First licenced at the age of 12, Mark is a keen HF and VHF Contester. He has operated from around 40 DXCCs in DXpedition and Contest style. He currently holds many CQWW country records. He founded Contest University UK following the establishment of the USA CTU. Mark is a member of many clubs such as FOC and the CQWW Contest Committee. In 2014 he joined G0CKV as a competitor at WRTC Boston.

Professionally, Mark works in the ground transportation industry as a Senior Project Manager providing rail signalling solutions on London’s urban rail network.

Mark will take the leadership role of the WRTC UK 2026 project. He will also establish and control the project using appropriate project management methodologies. Mark’s professional senior project management experience will ensure good practice and on-time delivery.

Chris Danby, G0DWV

Chris Danby, G0DWV

Director of Fundraising

Chris lives in Norwich in Norfolk with his long-suffering partner, Tina. She is not interested in Radio but lets him get away with hosting contesters and anything antenna-wise!

His ham radio career started in 1984 passing the RAE and landing the callsign G1LYH, quickly learning CW and progressing to G0DWV in 1985, 38 years later still addicted to this hobby – it’s his passion and fills his life. Chris’ main interest is HF. He has a competitive station on all bands from 1.8 to 23cms. Avid DXer and contester, buying a house with a 2-acre garden has allowed expansion of the station, 4 towers, HF Monobanders for 40-10 with stacks on 20-10m, 80 4 square, 160m Vertical and dipoles, at least two antennas for every active band. RX antennas include Beverages for the 4 main directions. The garden is just not big enough for more.

Professionally, Chris is the advertising agent for the Radio Society of Great Britain and has been for the last 18 years. He attends Dayton and Friedrichshafen events every year with the RSGB as well as Rally’s around the UK. He jointly sets up / organises and runs the National Hamfest at Newark, the UK’s premier Ham Radio show, which is now in its 13th year.

Chris will champion the marketing and communications package. His wealth of experience in this field from his professional role ensures this important role is in good hands. Chris has excellent contacts within the hobby.

Lee Volante, G0MTN

Lee Volante, G0MTN

Director of Rules and Selection

Licensed aged 14 and active for over 35 years. Active in all-modes VHF and HF contesting from home and away, both as a single op and with friends taking part in 100+ events per year until arrival of family. 250,000+ QSOs logged all time.

Lee was a team member of the Voodoo Contest group with three trips to Burkina Faso and Niger for CQWW CW as well as having operated from K3LR during CQ WW. He has been part of multi-operator events at the M6T contest station, and from several locations for the GR2HQ IARU HF Championship.

Lee has supported WRTC for over 20 years and was proud to be selected as a referee at WRTC 2002 in Finland. He has been a past member of the RSGB VHF and HF Contest committees and is currently a member of the CQWW committee. He has presented at Contest University (CTU) and RSGB Conventions many times and is keen to spread a positive message about the benefits of contesting. Professionally, Lee works in cellular mobile telecommunications for a multinational company.

Lee will take ownership of the qualification events, team criteria and contest rules. His involvement with the CQWW Contest Committee will be invaluable to ensure this is well considered and done as fairly as it can be.

Fred Handscombe, G4BWP

Fred Handscombe, G4BWP

Director of Finance

First licensed in 1973 (aged 15) and a member of RSGB since 1971.  Also licensed as K6BWP (Extra Class).  Previously operated as 9K2BE, JY8FH and A65BD as well as from many European countries under the CEPT agreement, and during Contest trips to West Africa.

Represented the UK at WRTC 2002 with G4PIQ (OJ2Z) and as a referee at WRTC 2006 in Brazil. Widely travelled on both business and pleasure, having so far visited 91 DXCC countries.

Now aged 65, an early interest in amateur radio has led to a career in the mobile radio industry and is currently employed by Zinwave Ltd in Cambridge UK, as Director of Customer Services for the International business, working from home in England.

As Finance Director, Fred will track and manage the budget. He will work with Chris on fundraising, Andy on hardware procurement and Georgina on accommodation/venue costs. Fred has a wealth of experience in business as well as the hobby and is well-connected.

Andy Cook, G4PIQ

Andy Cook, G4PIQ

Director of Sites and Stations

Licenced since 1982 at the age of 16 and spent many years as a serious weak-signal VHF DXer and contester, including making meteor-scatter and EME DXpeditions to TF and OY. Andy has won major VHF contests at the European level on a number of occasions. After some years Andy also became involved in HF contesting and was at the core of establishing the M6T contest station, leading much of the technical development of the station. He also enjoys competitive operating in HF contests and has been fortunate enough to win Europe in the SOAB sections of many of the major international contests.

Andy has taken part in contest expeditions to XT, 5U and 9G, and has operated while working in PY, CE, LU, YB, V31, JT, A35 and 5W. He was WRTC team leader for the UK in 2002 and 2010. He is a long-standing member of the RSGB’s Contest Committees, and has been chair of the VHF Contest Committee for over 10 years.

Professionally, Andy is responsible for the technical elements of Public Wi-Fi and the Internet of Things for a major UK telecoms service provider.

Andy will be responsible for the operating site selection and their distribution. He will define the equipment inventory. Given Andy’s broad knowledge in communications both in the hobby and in his professional career, this ensures strength in this important aspect of the project.

Steve Thomas, M1ACB

Steve Thomas, M1ACB

Director of Volunteers

Active contester and special event operator interested in all aspects of Amateur Radio. He has operated on DXpeditions to destinations such as Svalbard and the Bahamas. Member of various organisations including the active Camb Hams club. Steve’s avid interest and involvement in the hobby has been fundamental in his appointment as the RSGB General Manager.

Steve will lead on the promotion and collation of volunteers. Given his role as the RSGB General Manager, Steve is extremely well placed to promote WRTC and interfaces with the UK and International amateur community. He is well respected and therefore places him suitably for this extremely important role.

Georgina Haynes, M6YGL

Georgina Haynes, M6YGL

Director of Hospitality

Georgina has been a licenced amateur for 6 years and enjoys DXing and Contesting. She enjoys the social aspects of the hobby and attends the key national events along-side her husband Mark, M0DXR.

Professionally, Georgina is self employed having set up her own travel agent business.. She has strong networks in travel and tourism and is very acute to successful social networking techniques.

Georgina will lead on the HQ venue and accommodation for the competitors and referees. She is an independent travel agent and has the necessary connections and professional capacity to plan and execute against the competitions requirements. She will also lead on the hospitality and tours programme either side of the competition.