We’re pleased to share the results of the first qualification event CQ WW SSB 2023 on our WRTC scoreboard now accessible at https://www.wrtc2026.org  Please follow the link that has been added to the  ‘Competition’ menu from the home page for the Qualification Standings.

Our webmaster Peter 2M0SQL will be adding to the look and feel of the scoreboard in the coming days, but we wanted to publish the first results as soon as we could. It’s a very similar style to previous WRTC, with options to look at results by callsign, Qualification Area, or DXCC. As usual, we are tracking the scores of individual entrants, so don’t look for PJ2T or M6T.  

With data for 11,000+ entrants, there will be some changes to be made. If your home Qualification Area has been incorrectly identified, or your personal callsign was missing from an entry from a club station, please let me know. To save filling everyone’s inboxes if possible please contact me at [email protected] directly and I will work through any queries as quickly as possible. 

We will shortly add details to count the total qualification points per entrant, and the number of multi-operator, out-of-area and overall entries just like the previous scoreboards.

The results of the CQ WW CW contest have been processed and are ready to be loaded to the scoreboard soon.